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Ref. No.:  6000003567 | Match code: MP
  • two tool cards in the interior
  • compatible with inserts for L-BOXX 102 and 136
  • with document compartment
  • tool sets and machines are organised and quickly to hand
  • ergonomic transport of tools, machines and consumables
  • Color
  • Weight
    1,8 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    230 mm x 360 mm x 500 mm
Product details

The practical tool rucksack MultiPack is the perfect supplement for urban service work which often involves unavoidable climbing of stairs. Its interior holds the contents of an L-BOXX and an i-BOXX as well as further tools and supplies for work and documents, whereby your most important tools and consumables can be carried, well organised, on your back leaving your hands free to, for example, open doors.

Through the cooperation with Deuter Sport GmbH you benefit from unique Know-How and Quality in the sectors of Rucksacks and Carrier systems. Ergonomic carrying comfort, thanks to the well-thought out VariFlex carrier system which enables problem free carrying of loads up to 18 kg total weight over longer periods. The Sortimo MultiPack is a tool rucksack with a technically elegant design in dirt-resistant Anthracite and Black with Blue Sortimo accents, made of robust Polyester.

For skilled craft and tradespeople and service technicians who are on mobile operations around town or on extra-large construction sites, the MultiPack provides a multitude of practical functions. Because the entire contents, no matter whether it is machines, tools or small components, are well-organised, overviewable and ready to hand.

The MultiPack consists of two main compartments, one of which is on the rear side, the other on the outside of the Rucksack. Both main compartments can be equipped with L-BOXX inserts. The main compartment on the rear side is designed for tool tray inserts and small component trays from the L-BOXX 136 as well as the tool tray insert with three recesses which has been specially designed for this compartment (Ref. No.: 6000003661). In the main compartment on the outside of the Rucksack you can stow inserts and small component trays from the L-BOXX 102. Alternatively the relevant suitable i-BOXX can be taken for small components and placed in the outside compartment. A Velcro divider provides for an extra compartment for e.g. fold-able rulers or gloves.  In between the two main compartments there are two tool cards hanging which can be used to stow screwdrivers, pliers etc. in an orderly fashion. Topping it all off is a compartment in DIN A4 size on the front side where you can have your most important documents ready to hand.

The maximum load for the Rucksack is 18 kg. The compartment volumes are as follows:

High compartment (Rear side): 11.7 L

Low compartment (Outside): 7.5 L

(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

Technical Details
Technical details
Maximum payload in kg 18
Color Anthracite
Weight 1,8 kg
Inside dimensions (LxWxH) x x mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 230 mm x 360 mm x 500 mm
Material(s) Polyester
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