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Jumbo-Unit G 1.5-12-15 1xSBL12

Ref. No.:  1000011464 | Match code: JU G 1.5-12-15 1S
  • Fast and secure storage of bulky goods
  • Compact XL drawer
  • Up to 100 kg load capacity
  • Large drawer front for quick access
  • Flexible uses
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    1.201,4 mm x 370,4 mm x 255 mm
  • Weight
    21,3 kg
  • Color
  • Delivery
    by freight forwarder
Product details

This Jumbo-Unit features one drawer in height 12 (internal height 191,6 mm). We recommend installing the Jumbo-Unit on a Sortimo installation floor.  There is therefore no need for drill holes to be made into the chassis of the vehicle. A matching installation kit is available under article number 1000005115. Alternatively, the XL drawer can also be screwed directly to the chassis of the vehicle. To do this, installation kit 1000005118 is required. Please observe the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.

The Jumbo Unit is a compact XL drawer, which is ideal for rapid and secure stowage of heavy equipment and bulky materials. It has a load capacity of up to 100 kg, thanks to the extremely strong telescopic slides. The large drawer front guarantees its ease of use and quick access to your equipment, even when wearing gloves. You can use the Jumbo Unit to meet your individual requirements, either as an underfloor solution or as a stand-alone solution. The stand-alone version of the Jumbo Unit can either be equipped with a SoboGrip ProSafe topper or a covering tray. The use of the SoboGrip ProSafe topper lets you walk on the Jumbo Unit so that you can enter the loading area without further ado. The topper has versatile uses, thanks to its ProSafe lashing points, since you can use the integrated ProSafe lashing points for easy securing of packages or machines using ProSafe lashing straps. The covering tray provides the Jumbo Unit with extended loading options. The dividers, which are also available, allow the tray to be sub-divided, thus enabling the transport of small components. There is also an option of arranging two equally sized units on top of each other to store even more objects in the Jumbo Unit. The Jumbo Unit is available with a large drawer or two half-height drawers.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

Technical Details
Technical details
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.201,4 mm x 370,4 mm x 255 mm
Inside dimensions (LxWxH) 1.146,4 mm x 297,4 mm x 191,6 mm
Weight 21,3 kg
Material(s) Steel
Color coolgrey
Grid width 1,5
Grid depth 12
Grid height 15
Maximum payload in kg 100
Variation 1 Drawers
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