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Inset box set 12 p. H63 LS-BOXX 306 G

Ref. No.:   1000012356 |  Match code: IB-SET H63 LS-BOXX |  EAN: 4045294769734
  • set fits the LS-BOXX 306 G or intermediate floor L-BOXX 238 / 374 G
  • fast overview of the content saves time
  • Personalisation by means of label with colour code
  • easy removal of small components by means of intelligent design
  • Flexibility, thanks to further sub-division options
  • External dimensions (LxWxH)
    402 x 314 x 63 mm
  • Weight
    0,90 kg
  • Colour
    Sortimo CoolGrey
Product details

The 63 mm height of the inset box set offers 12 subdivision options and is suitable for the LS-BOXX 306 G. Up to 20 different subdivision options are available with this set using the dividers included in the set. The inset box set is particularly suitable for the clear sorting of component materials in various sizes.


(The inset box set consists of: 2x inset boxes U3 G including 2 dividers, 2x inset boxes 1x1, 3x inset boxes 1x2, 2x inset boxes 2x2, 1x inset box 2x3, 2x inset boxes 1x4, 4x dividers IB 1x0, 4x dividers IB 2x0)

With Sortimo’s inset boxes you keep an overview of your small components and consumables, such as screws, rawlplugs and much more. It doesn’t matter whether you use them in your workshop, in Sortimo’s Cases and BOXXes, the WorkMo or in Sortimo’s van racking systems, they can be used anywhere. The differing sizes of the inset boxes enable you to equip yourself precisely to meet your exact needs. Individual division options using partition guides (from inset box 1x2 onwards) in each inset box make them even more flexible and efficient. Furthermore, the inset boxes mean you are always up-to-date with stock levels of your consumables and you can therefore re-order them in good time and avoid costly downtimes. Your re-ordering process is facilitated by the adhesive labels, which can display the colour coding, article number, article name and bar-code. The colour coding enables you to sub-divide your materials to suit your working day, creates excellent organisation and saves you time searching for small components. The "cool grey" of the inset boxes makes them extremely insensitive to dirt and the material composition also allows you to use them in extreme temperatures. In addition, the intelligent design with chamfered corners makes it very easy to remove small components from the inset box. You therefore increase your productivity and reduce the time needed for planning and control throughout your working day – leaving you to concentrate on the job in hand. Of course, you can remove the inset boxes from Sortimo’s mobile solutions or replace them with other inset boxes at any time, giving you direct access to the small components you have brought with you at your workplace.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

Technical Details
Technical details
External dimensions (LxWxH) 402 x 314 x 63 mm
Weight 0,90 kg
Material(s) PS
Suitable for LS-BOXX 306
L-BOXX 238
L-BOXX 374
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