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Globelyst4 - the proven standard

Planning and installation based on your individual requirements.

The Globelyst4 van racking stands for organisation, structure and safety in the Transporter. The intelligent organisation system allows a focused workflow and thus contributes to an increase in efficiency in daily routine. Professional consulting permits the van racking to be precisely adapted to your requirements and ensures the best possible use of space in your Transporter. A wide variety of accessories and mobile ranges allows Globelyst4 to comply with trade-specific requirements. The integrated ProSafe load securing system also provides for simple and rapid lashing and securing of transported goods.

Sortimo Globelyst4 van racking – equal to any challenge

The Globelyst4 organisation system permits high levels of individualisation and direct retrievability of transported materials. Organisation aids in the van racking ensure that, whatever the sector, long, bulky and small materials all have their allocated space.