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Workplace organisation made easy.

Individual and convenient.

Structure your SR5 van racking systems with mySortimo labels. It’s child’s play labelling shelves, drawers, BOXXes and cases in the configurator on the SR5 van racking system. As part of the 5S method, mySortimo labels help create an extremely efficient working environment, save you time and money and make a professional impression on your customers.

You have two options to create labels for your SR5:

Planing labels during the configuration?

Contact here

SR5 already purchased?

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mySortimo labels make your day-to-day work easier

Advantages of the mySortimo labels configurator


How it works:

Labels for Globelyst4

Clearer arrangement in your Globelyst4

For the Globelyst4, we provide you with a PDF template which can be individually and conveniently labelled and printed. BOXXes and drawers for the Globelyst4 are then quickly and legibly labelled.

The adhesive labels are made of tear-resistant and moisture-resistant material and are highly durable thanks to their strong adhesion.

You can order the self-adhesive sheet for printing the labels here. Just select the sheets with the coloured strips that suit your needs. 


Labelling templates for BOXXes, cases and insetboxes
Labelling templates for BOXXes and cases
65 KB
Labelling templates for BOXXes for insetboxes
670 KB
Labelling templates for T-BOXX 120
48 KB

To label the templates, click with the right mouse button on the download button and select the input "Save target as ...". To save the PDF file on your computer and label it individually.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When printing the label sheets, please select "Actual size" and "Form fields only" in the print menu under "Customize Page and Options"!