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Van racking and shelfing systems for vehicles

Fahrzeugeinrichtungen von Sortimo – Weit mehr als nur ein Fahrzeugregal.

Sortimo van racking at a glance.

FlexRack 2.0

SR5 – The next generation.

Sortimo have developed the fifth generation of van racking - it is an intelligent mobility system which offers the user maximum efficiency in day-to-day working. SR5 embodies more than 50 years of experience, passion and expertise in a single unit. It has been designed so that you can configure it in accordance with your individual requirements and compliant with the sector stipulations in mySortimo configuration. Maximum load area exploitation, perfected workplace organisation and full compatibility with the tried and tested EcoSystem from Sortimo make SR5 the ideal partner in your day-to-day working.
The SR5 van racking is available for almost every commercial vehicle: To the overview of vehicle brands.

Globelyst4 van racking – a van shelving system to any challenge

Globelyst4 van racking provides organisation, structure and safety in the transporter. Its intelligent organisation system makes the workflow more targeted and efficient and thus contributes to distinct productivity increase in day-to-day working. Every second that you would otherwise waste on unnecessary searching for tools can be used to earn profit at the customer site thanks to Globelyst4 van racking. The van racking helps tradespeople to structure their tasks in their individual mobile daily routine more professionally, safer and more profitably.

Sortimo van racking Globelyst4
The Globelyst4 van racking is available for almost every commercial vehicle: To the overview of vehicle brands.
FlexRack 2.0 - The efficient shelving system for parcel delivery service providers
The efficient shelving system FlexRack 2.0 for courier, express delivery and parcel services and optimally tailored to their workflows.
Fahrzeugeinrichtung Flexrack 2.0

FR5 – The flexible racking system

FR5 is the van racking system specifically designed for courier, express delivery and parcel services. The racking system adapts to individual loading volumes thanks to the shelves’ practical folding function and the adjustable angle of inclination, so that even bulky loads can be stowed easily and transported safely. The integrated ProSafe load securing system makes it easy to secure packages of all sizes, making the day-to-day work of courier drivers much easier. Small parts can be stored in SR-BOXXes, which can be mounted above or below the shelf. This makes FR5 ideal for craftsmen who require maximum flexibility in their van racking system.

FR5: Sortimo folding racking for vehicles in the CEP sector
What makes Sortimo van racking stand out?

It is for this reason that the majority of van shelving systems users place their trust in Sortimo.

mySortimo: The full service for your commercial vehicle

Sortimo van rackings are available for the following vehicle brands:

Improved productivity. Better profitability.

Anything is possible with Sortimo – from a vehicle shelf through employee motivation to customer satisfaction.

Van racking from Sortimo generates organisation and structure in your transporter and offers an overview of the work material being transported. It is designed to make tasks during your mobile working day more professional, safer and more profitable. The sophisticated organisation systems facilitate perfect intuitive handling, save protracted searching periods for the right tool, and make load securing child's play.

Sortimo van racking system

Each user has different requirements regarding a van racking system. This often primarily has to do with the sector in which the person or company works. For this reason, the van racking systems from Sortimo can be customised online. You can make just the right selection from the very wide range of industry-specific functions and extras needed to truly facilitate day-to-day work. Through optimum loading space utilisation, more consumables and auxiliary materials such as screws and tools can be transported. At the same time, the correct van racking system ensures better organisation of time-consuming tasks such as searching for required small parts, tools or other materials, allowing them to be reduced to a minimum.

Long searching or not finding the required objects is often upsetting and frustrating. This can then negatively impact the work performance and the image of employees. Such issues may prove detrimental to the image of the company in question and customer satisfaction – a drop in orders and associated loss of turnover are not uncommon. The Sortimo products enable you to organise recurring work processes perfectly and thus enjoy a lasting boost in speed. Extra trips due to missing items are a thing of the past because with the van racking system from Sortimo anyone can see at a glance whether everything required for the next order is in fact in the transporter.

The benefits of the products, however, go far beyond the aforementioned increase in efficiency: due to the fact that everything has its own designated place in the loading space, the objects in question are optimally secured. Scratches or serious damage to the vehicle body or load due to sliding parts can be reduced to a minimum. The often very expensive work materials are thus protected and already in the medium term, costs for repurchasing damaged tools are saved.

Of course, the load-securing system customised to meet the respective requirements not only protects materials. In the event of emergency braking, hectic steering movements or even accidents, the van racking systems from Sortimo significantly contribute to protecting passengers. Loose parts lying around can quickly turn into dangerous projectiles able to cause significant damage to man and machine. This newly attained safety is a central aspect of Sortimo’s corporate mission.

In order for the van racking system to be used optimally, it is crucial for it to be compatible with vehicle and tool manufacturers. Sortimo works closely with the automotive industry to ensure that the available loading space of a transporter is utilised optimally. This way, optimum systems can be offered for all vehicle makes and models. The selected products are, for their part, compatible with those of numerous partners from the tool industry. The hand-in-hand collaboration with Bosch, Gedore, Hilti and many other manufacturers has yielded solutions that fit both your vehicle and your tools.

The Sortimo van racking system helps you and your company out in many respects. In turn, you can choose between three different base products: SR5, Globelyst4 and FR5 boast different advantages depending on your needs and can be customised down to the smallest detail. As the basis for the customisation options, you can choose between various industries, such as construction, plumbing / heating / air conditioning, paintwork or electrical installation.

You aren’t sure whether the van racking systems are really suited for your company and its fleet? Then feel free to contact our support team via the contact form or take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ). Here you will already find a variety of information about the Sortimo products.