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Sortimo load securing

Professional and legal securing of loads is child's play for Sortimo van racking including the integrated ProSafe load securing concept. More accessories can be used to lash additional transport goods so that you are on the safe side, even on tight bends or with sharp braking.

Lashing straps

Use Sortimo lashing straps to lash your load in the vehicle quickly and simply.

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Load safety nets

Use the hard-wearing load safety nets to divide the load compartment from the driver’s cab when transporting loads that are difficult to secure.

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Accessories load securing

Load securing becomes child's play with our accessories programme.

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Sortimo ProSafe
The important rules

Load securing with Sortimo ProSafe

ProSafe EcoSystem

Well thought-out load securing on the shelf and in the vehicle, also suitable for the existing original lashing points.

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The most important rules as an overview!

Responsibility for load securing

Responsibilities of the persons involved
What are the driver’s obligations for load securing?
What are the dispatcher's obligations for load securing?
What are the freight forwarder’s obligations for load securing?
What are the vehicle owner's obligations for load securing?
What are the loader's obligations for load securing?