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Automotive industry partner

Fast procurement channels, exceeding individual requests and getting the most of out of the working day for you – that’s the Sortimo commitment, which we hope to fulfil jointly with our partners. Working closely with the automotive industry, Sortimo designs van racking systems that are perfectly adapted to the connection interfaces on every single make of vehicle. This provides the major advantage that there is no damage to the body of the van and ensures maximum utilisation of the load area. As the only manufacturer of van racking systems, Sortimo has designed a racking system that flexibly fits the contour of the vehicle at all times.

Sortimo therefore offers customers the option to – individually and precisely – configure a van racking system to their new van or even rely on preconfigured industry deals and factory solutions. And anyone who prefers personal contact can, of course, plan their van racking system with their Sortimo consultant, or simply discuss it with their commercial vehicle salesperson when buying the vehicle. Sortimo offers tailor-made, individual and industry-specific solutions for all makes of vehicle!


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