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L-BOXX 136 G4 incl. IB-Set 6 Stk. H95

Ref. No.:   1000011333 |  Match code: LB136 G4 IB 6 ST |  EAN: 4045294737689
  • includes inset box set 6 No. H95 and lid insert
  • innovative click-system with one-handed operation
  • Access to content even in a clicked-in state
  • fast securing with lock, even combined with several BOXXes
  • Personalisation by means of label with colour code
  • External dimensions (LxWxH)
    360 x 444 x 152 mm
  • Weight
    3,11 kg
  • Colour
    Sortimo CoolGrey
Product details

This L-BOXX 136 G4 features an inset box set, which provides 6 subdivision options for the secure and tidy transport of all your small components. Integrated partition guides in the inset boxes (from inset box size 1x2 onwards), in conjunction with the dividers included in the set, offer additional subdivision options, making it even more flexible and efficient.

(The inset box set consists of: 2x inset boxes Ux6 H95 including 2 dividers, 3x inset boxes 2x3 H95, 1x inset box 2x6 H95, 2x dividers IB 1x0 H95, 4x dividers IB 2x0 H95)

With Sortimo’s inset boxes you keep an overview of your small components and consumables, such as screws, rawlplugs and much more. You can rearrange the layout as required and even remove individual inset boxes. The rigid foam lid insert seals the inset boxes, preventing the contents from becoming mixed up.

The L-BOXX G4 is the optimum transport and storage solution for craftsmen, tradesmen, industry and service providers. Transport your tools, materials, customer samples and equipment safely and tidily to your workplace time after time. The L-BOXX G4 is compatible with all L-BOXXes, L-BOXXes G and the rest of the L-BOXX range. The optimised shape provides even more storage space with the same outer dimensions, and its honeycomb design throughout increases the stability of the box floor. The high-quality and lightweight L-BOXX G4 is made of shock-resistant and impact-resistant ABS plastic and protects the contents from damage and water. Its lid withstands up to 85 kg, so that the L-BOXX G4 can also be used as a step. Its modern and appealing design conveys a positive and professional impression to your customers every time. Thanks to its colour, the L-BOXX G4 reduces dirt visibility, while its smooth rounded edges prevent deposits of dirt and ensure fast and simple cleaning when needed. The click system is also extremely practical since you can open it just using one hand. You can therefore connect as many L-BOXXes as you need in seconds and transport them together to site. This saves a lot of time and energy since multiple trips back and forth between your vehicle and workplace are now a thing of the past with the L-BOXX range. Once you’ve arrived on site, you can separate the L-BOXXes quickly and easily at the touch of a button. The box lids can also be opened at any time when clicked in place, and you therefore always have direct and full access to the contents of your connected boxes. You’re therefore always perfectly organised and can start work immediately. The two sturdy and ergonomically shaped handles in the lid and on the front provide for ease of carrying, depending on your requirements. You don’t need undue strength to transport it to your workplace either, thanks to the optimised weight of the L-BOXX G4. The optimised snap-in function on the handle prevents annoying rattling noises coming from the loading space, guaranteeing a relaxed journey. Its ease of handling is also reflected in the safety catches, which can also be opened or closed when wearing gloves. For extra security, you can also attach a lock or steel cable to the outside of the L-BOXX to secure it against theft. When clicked together, you have the option of securing several boxes at the same time, saving time and also reducing the need to monitor each individual box. For greater clarity, you can also attach labels to the entire Sortimo case and BOXX range on which you can use colour coding and a description of the contents to optimise your work and minimise the search for a particular tool or item. This structured method of working is guaranteed to simplify your working day, at the same time as impressing your customers. Individually arrange the inset boxes inside, thanks to the integrated inset box grid in the box floor, providing a number of different configuration options depending on the intended use in your specific industry. The L-BOXX G4 is exclusively available from Sortimo and can, of course, be integrated into all Sortimo van racking systems, so that your tools and work materials are stowed away in an organised and secure manner when in transit and are quickly to hand on arrival at your workplace. The L-BOXX G4 is also compatible with the entire L-BOXX range and can therefore be used with our partner’s products, including BOSCH, Gedore, Förch and fischer, and as the outer packaging for their machines, tools and consumables. This offers you a clear benefit in that you can use one system with all L-BOXXes, representing an integrated transport concept, both in your vehicle and at your workplace, simplifying everyday working.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

Technical Details
Technical details
External dimensions (LxWxH) 360 x 444 x 152 mm
Inner dimensions (LxWxH) 311 x 377 x 104 mm
Weight 3,11 kg
Material(s) EPP Plastic
Maximum payload 12 kg
Maximum lid load 85 kg
Variant with insetboxes
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