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T-BOXX 120 Passenger Car First Aid Kit according to DIN 13164

Ref. No.:   1000021067 |  Match code: STB 120 PKWVK |  EAN: 4014599172372
  • including first aid material in accordance with DIN 13164
  • Can be coupled with T-BOXX 320 or T-BOXX 330
  • Compatible with the ProClick system and Sortimo in-vehicle equipment
  • transparent cover
  • Content always in view
  • External dimensions (LxWxH)
    357 x 205 x 85 mm
  • Weight
    1,19 kg
  • Colour
    Sortimo CoolGrey
    Sortimo Blue
Product details

The T-BOXX 120 Passenger Car First Aid Kit is equipped in accordance with DIN 13164. It can be used in cars and also in vans. Using the integrated ProClick hook, the T-BOXX 120 can be placed at various locations on the van racking system or in the vehicle and is always to hand in case of an emergency. And you can always see the contents of the box thanks to its transparent lid. Partially used or missing dressing material can therefore be clearly identified and replaced.

The Sortimo T-BOXX 120 is the compact new addition to the T-BOXX range, optimising the practical transport of smaller components. With its distinctive grid pattern and ‘crowns’ on the lid of the T-BOXX 320 and 330, it guarantees that insets boxes are efficiently secured in place and organised. The coupling feet on the base enable it to be practically joined to the lids of larger models, while a lock prevents it from accidentally coming loose. Whether they are transported individually or combined, they fit seamlessly into all Sortimo van racking systems. The Sortimo EcoSystem is at the heart of the T-BOXX 120: its fold-out ProClick hook means that it can be attached to SR5 and Globelyst4 van racking systems without the need for a tool. What is more, it is also compatible with all Sortimo ProClick products and the products of other partners, such as Bosch. The spring-loaded hook automatically springs back once a box has been removed, ensuring ease of handling.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

Technical Details
Technical details
External dimensions (LxWxH) 357 x 205 x 85 mm
Inner dimensions (LxWxH) 253 x 177 x 58 mm
Weight 1,19 kg
Material(s) ABS
PP Plastic
high-grade steel
Maximum payload 5 kg
Maximum lid load 100 kg
Variant with First Aid
Suitable for T-BOXX
ProClick Tooltray
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